Boutique Hotel

Design consultation, Project management, Custom Furniture

Hotel interior, Furniture design

Completion: WIP

An urban hotel designed for the modern day “solo-pruner,” visitors and locals to enjoy. Creating a hotel culture where it is just not only for guest to stay over night, but for people to meet at a café lounge in a hotel lobby for discussion and for customers to have their own working desk. A space with a different kind of luxury, the luxury of guest having social spaces, of having interaction with people that they might not have met before. The lobby will be transformed into a warm and inviting space decked out in tactile materials.


The design idea is to create a contemporary boutique vibe yet it feels hip, casual and vibrant to seamlessly integrate into the streetscape and suburb. As for the layout, guests are able to sit in different environments when some can look and see everything happening, some a bit more private, some completely open, and others closed off.

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