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HOP Beer Bar

Design consultation, Project management, Custom Furniture

Bar interior, Furniture design

Completion: 2019

Stylistically we were inspired by the industrial aesthetics of beer equipment and the philosophy of the craft brewing movement itself such as freedom, punk, experiments and custom production. This concept pushed us to use materials such as stainless steel, pattern glass, textured copper and neon light to create a special rebellious atmosphere in the bar area. Softer and tactile materials have been used in the main guests' areas to provide comfort and a more chamber atmosphere. This was achieved by using oak wood, leather upholstery of sofas and seats and warm muted light. We decided to divide the given space into three zones: the bar, communal and quiet ones. The show-stopping core of the bar zone is a 5 meter long drinks counter. It allows the customers seating by the bar to be comfortable choosing their own craft beers on tap and from the vintage chiller at all times.

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