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Design consultation, Project management, Custom furniture

Bar interior, Restaurant interior, Furniture design, Landscape design

Completion: 2018


Lucky Tora izakaya interior is inspired by the alleys of Japanese restaurants fused with a hint of 70s vibe and lustrous greens to soften the mood. Timber arch spans across the main dining area creates a more mysterious atmosphere , highlight the long alley way that stretches to the back of the restaurant. Ash red graces the interior of the main dining, to give it that sexy izakaya feel and dark blue on exposed brick wall to emphasis on the rawness in the second dining. Lush green landscape fills the entire interior and exterior of the space to emphasize on rawness.

The furniture here is more loose and relaxed. A variety of seating options designed to suit the needs of different customers, a high counter with stools so that people can watch the bartender preparing their cocktails, and a lower table provides a casual, communal atmosphere for sitting around to enjoy the food. 

Lucky Tora

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