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Design consultation, Project management, Custom Furniture

Restaurant interior, Bar interior, Custom Furniture

Completion: 2019

Located in a mall as the 4th venue, this particular outlet is the first to be designed to stand out from the rest. Design concept of S'mores, revolves around our clients' passion for wood-fired oven food and ice cold beer, to portray a space to be ideal for dining and drinks.  The restaurant is divided into a dining, bar and alfresco dining. All areas designed to complement different dining experiences. As the common denominator the rich palette of nature-inspired shades of olive green, maroon and ink blue has been chosen.


The colors, omnipresent on the grid ceiling, define and distinguish the various restaurant dining rooms. On top of the grid ceiling, LED strips illuminates, creating hyper-diffuse light below and eliminating shadows. It also provides excellent acoustics as well as dramatic backdrop to the restaurant custom made furniture, fit-out and surface finishes made of refined geometric terrazzo, oak wood, printed glazed tiles and rough, unpolished concrete. 

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